štvrtok 2. júla 2015

5 Smart Ways How to Make Business with WordPress

WordPress is very flexible platform and you can take advantage of it in many different ways! I would say it's great opportunity for making business. It pretty much depends on your skills and how you accept challenges. I took a challenge, now I earn between 2000 - 3000 euros per month from affiliates sales and casual website development. All that takes me about 20h / week. Quite a nice part time right?

Here is the list of smart ways how to make money with WordPress:

1. Website Development

To learn how to create website with wordpress is not as hard as you might think. There are plenty of tutorials and "how to" videos which will guide through whole process of development & designing. There 3 main types of websites:

  • eshop website - there are plenty of pre-designed wordpress themes which you can use for creating of your shop. The essential thing for your eshop is business idea. Nowadays, people buy almost everything online, you need to come up with your products and what you wanna sell!
  • business website - if you have your business already running you should consider online presence. Having website is great way how to get more customers and people interested in your services.
  • blog website - blogging is very common as well as reading blogs. You need to select you niche topic and start spreading the word out. On the otherside you might be expert in your field and blog is great way how to share knowledge. How this is going to make money for you? Well, you need to add some advertising spots to your web, use google adwords or contact companies with related business and offer them advertising.  Check this article "How to build 6 figures blog".. yes 6 figures!

2. Affiliates

Affiliate business in another way! That's what I prefer the most. You can run your website / blog and write reviews about other businesses, services or products. I run my reviews website about wordpress themes. Check my newest collection of the best business wordpress themes. There are plenty of other industry fields where you can find the space for your website to successed. The most essential part of success is SEO and having your website ranking for frequently searched keywords.

3. Sell WordPress Themes

If you have development skills then you can try developing wordpress themes. There are couple of popular online marketplaces which has millions of members and there is always potential to make good business. The biggest marketplace is themeforest. Have a look!

4. Sell WordPress Plugins

This option is even better than wordpress themes because there are still plenty of ides which haven't been added to wordpress yet! You can develop premium plugins and make nice money! Check codecanyon and see what sort of plugins people develop.

These are exclusive ads for wordpress websites. It's quite similar to google adwords but it's more convenient for wordpress users.

I hope this article was helpful and encouraged you to do some online business! It's really hard work from the beginning but nothing it's easy! Then you'll have this amazing freedom and time to write dummy blogs like this one! But it's part of the business, part of the backlink strategy! If you have any questions feel FREE to post it into comment section below.

Check video with best ecommerce themes!

štvrtok 25. júna 2015

HTML5 evolution in WordPress

It all started in 2010. HTML5 was born and slowly developed and hardly adopting into the world of WordPress. After some time it became widely used and considered as a proper way to enhance WordPress templates mostly for mobile web.

So what is HTML5?

It is basically an evolution of HTML developed since 2004. There have been many changes but most  significant are adding header, footer, navigation bars, new form inputs or media elements which supports audio & video which is a great feature if you want to change the content.
To built mobile-friendly websites HTML5 is the right tool. In general it is helping to make websites faster and more interactive.

The Beginning

Back in 2011 there was the revolutionary theme called “Twenty Eleven” with new features of 3.0/3.2 and interesting design changes on top of that “Twenty Eleven” was the first one supporting HTML5 & CSS3 and that was truly a breakthrough. Additional support of these HTML5 tags <header>, <footer>, <aside>, <article>, <time> easily styled by using CSS gives more power and efficiency to developers who are able to create forms with various input types, support of different media formats.

The Rise

After implementing HTML5 to the 'Twenty Eleven' most of the others themes did the same. That's how HTML5 was slowly making it's way to the top and nowadays it is a feature which is one of the most required when people are making decision whether to buy template or no. Check out collection of the Best HTML5 WordPress Themes.


HTML5 Frameworks can achieve things which were couple of years ago just dream unless you were a high skilled programming language user. With good WordPress theme frameworks 80% of your work is already done before you even begin and the rest is enough to make design unique. Here are some popular frameworks which also support HTML5.
- Carrington
- Toolbox
- Roots
- HTML5 WordPress Reset
- Handcrafted WP
- Presswork


On top of all these advantages out there exists hundreds of plugins making HTML5 even much more useful. You can insert HTML5 audio and video or change divs to HTML5 elements so you can create HTML5 forms. The opportunities are almost infinite.


Since 2010 there was slow progress in development in the beginning however after year 2011 the wheels started to spin much faster and HTML5 has made a significant mark into the WordPress which would never be the same as before 2011.

piatok 12. júna 2015

Create Your Online Resume Using WordPress

To have a nice resume means a lot but if you won't show off your experiences people will simply overlook your qualities. Besides uploading a resume on sites like LinkedIn or CareerBuilder there is another powerful option. Place your resume directly to your WordPress website.

Here are some tips how you can show off your resume

1. Create a simple and clean page by using text and images which can be maintained by hand
2. Try to use plugins that are made for work with resumes
3. Put links to your LinkedIn resume through pages and posts

Once you've created your resume there are basically two ways how to display it on a website. The first option is to put resume on a front page so every visitor will spot it immediately. Second option is to make it as one of your sub-pages but don't forget to highlight it. However with a lot of a content on a website your resume can get lost easily but on the other hand the more content you have the more potential visitors you can attract.

Sections for a resume

You can improvise and tailor the resume to a specific group you would like to target or to make it more universal inspire yourself with portals like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder. But the most common section are:

  • Contact Info
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certificates
  • Work History
  • References

Be creative, use links to your previous work, previous employers, use graphics, colors, fonts, etc.
If you want to be different and have a unique resume you have to create it by hand. Only this way you can use 100% of your creativity and imagination.

If you don't want to spent too much time by playing around with unique design and you are fine with the plugins with performed style go for it! There are plenty of options but basically just two types of plugins available. One that let you create resume and the other one that will let you link to your resume from another network.

One very popular and easy to maintain plugin is called Resume Builder. Everything is already set up and ready to publish all you need to do is to fill in the information. You can even have more resumes and decide which resumes to publish on which pages. 

WP LinkedIn is a powerful option that allows you to connect your website and LinkedIn account. By using shortcodes it is easy to post it post or page. One of many advantages of connecting WordPress website and LinkedIn account is the fact that when you update LinkedIn resume the resume on website is updated automatically. 

You might be interested in some of the professional resume wordpress themes which I selected in my collection. That should save you time with your research around the marketplaces.

streda 3. júna 2015

Story of Construction WordPress Themes

I’ve been using wordpress for more than 4 years and it always surprise me when I see new usage implementations to different and new sectors. I had bumped into quite a lot of construction templates for building, architecture, developing companies and I really loved them. Therefore I decided to put the best ones together and create collection of the best construction wordpress themes.

What I like about it is it’s flexibility and possibilities. You can use those templates for creating professional websites of large companies which build hundreds of buildings a year or you can use it for single solicitor, like electrician, plumber, gardener or any other type of profession in the field. You can hire somebody to do the job for you or you can take a little break from your routine and do a bit of web designing for a change. Believe me or not, you can do it! Everybody can do it!
There are plenty of videos and forums with tons of tutorials how to install wordpress, how to set up cpanel or how to get your template installed. Once you get this done, you can open your theme documentation and step by step start adding your business information, content and photos.

In my collection of construction wordpress themes you can find best of the best! You don’t have to stress out if the template is good enough, responsive or supported enough. All these factors are already checked for you, all you need is to spend few bucks and then get enough courage. You don’t need to pay designer or developer to get your website done. If you got some spare time and you can use google, you’ll be able to setup your template by yourself.

utorok 21. apríla 2015

What's NEW in WordPress 4.2.

It's been quite some time since last WordPress 4.1. update was released. Since January 21, 2015 WordPress community has been working on new upcoming update 4.2. See the schedule of work below. Yes, new version will be out very very soon.

by the way you can try beta version with wordpress beta tester plugin

Let's take closer look what's coming in new update. I won't go in too much details since the update will be ready soon!

New Emoticons Support

Since social media and emoticons are becoming very popular wordpress guys decided to keep up with the trend and allow us to use brand new variety of emoticons build in the system. You can use them any device you use for WP administration.

Theme Customizer

There is improvement of the way how yout install, activate and preview your themes installations. It's going to be much more convenient and easy to preview.

Faster Plugin & Updates

You won't need to activate plugins after you install them, this step is gone now! It's going to be much faster and convenient. Deactivation will remain the same, you have to go to plugins page to deactivate or delete.

Press this button update

Press this button is coming back with major changes and improvements.

  • bookmarklet feature
  • embed stuff from pages like youtube, twitter, intagram etc.

Some boring stuff

  • default color scheme
  • shared terms for different taxonomies
  • Javascripts compatibility for screen readers
Are you excited for new WP update? Don't forget to get some cool new wordpress theme along with new update!

Check more detailes of an update here

utorok 31. marca 2015

How to create eshop in WordPress

WordPress has been dominating all the CMS for creating websites in 2015. In ecommerce sector it's not any different. Since WooCommerce plugin is in the game, having fully functional online store is a matter of few hours.

1. Start in very beginning!

Right after you start with choosing of your template you have to keep in mind that it has to be compatible with woocommerce plugin. Best way is to go and pick up from specialized ecommerce wordpress themes collection where you can be sure you'll find the best stuff. Templates vary in different parameters and I highly recommend to check live demos and think about your store and features you'll need in it.

2. Products

After you install woocommerce plugin you'll get section products on your dashboard. For products you can set up different categories, tags, variations, attributes and shipping classes. You can run stock system as well and with good SEO plugin you can optimize your products separately.

TIP: You might find that shipping or weight settings doesn't match your requirements. Remember, there are plenty of FREE or premium plugins which can handle most of eshop related extensions, such as, weight based shipping for WooCommerce Plugin etc.

3. Woocommerce Settings

Before you start selling you need to jump on woocommerce settings and went through all the options to make sure everything is working properly. You need to set up shipping info, emails, payments, tax information, checkout, etc.

You can also follow reports and set up coupons or different types of discounts.

4. SSL Certificate

Last but very important is SSL certificate. It'll secure all your payments and login information of your customers. There are plenty of unsecured websites which get attacked on daily basis. You can find more information about SSL here

Check video with Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes

streda 25. februára 2015

3D WordPress Themes Presentation Video

Collection of creative wordpress designs with amazing 3D effects and unique layouts. Most of them are suitable for agency or individual showcase. Check whole 3D WordPress Themes collection!

nedeľa 22. februára 2015

Best website platform for creative agencies

Why is wordpress the best platform for creative agencies or freelancers? Basically we could say that it's best platform for creating all the types of websites.

I think the way how wordpress is developed and presented is great! The content management system is very friendly and made by individuals, freelancers, similar people who uses wordpress. It's platform from people to people.

On the other side of wordpress is the themes! The number of templates you can buy today extremely big! It's sort of majority of what you see on the internet currently. It comes down to the same thing! People who design or develop those templates are mostly creative individuals who bring all the current trends and use them! Everything is updated to current trends in webdesign and they also creates different versions and creative variations of theme designs. You can get so much inspiration just from watching live demos of premium wordpress themes. See my collection of the most creative wordpress themes! It's the most creative stuff i could dig on the internet.

If you need inspiration and you need to get creative just take a look on that collection, steal some ideas or scroll down live demos and you'll get there! Creativity you'll see will kick your mind and you can achieve amazing outcomes! 

Good Luck!

Stay CreAtive

utorok 27. januára 2015

WordPress in 2015 Statistics

I'll start with the big number which give you quick overview how popular wordpress is! The newest WordPress version 4.1 has been downloaded 9, 100, 000 times!

  • There is 2966 themes in the theme directory.
  • 125, 498, 011 theme downloads.
  • 35, 515 plugins on the plugin directory
  • 824, 474, 900 total plugin downloads
CMS Usage

As you can see on the graph, wordpress usage takes more than half of the all CMS websites. 

Future of WordPress

Wordpress is increasingly international. In 2014 Non-english download surpassed english downloads for the first time ever.

In 2014 there has been 80 WordCamps in 28 different countries.

WordPress plugins and themes directories are soon to be fully localized making them more accessible for non-english speakers.

WordPress is no longer just a blogging  tool. It is increasingly being used as an all purpose CMS and in some cases an app platform.

There hundreds free and premium templates coming everyday on market. Professional & simple wordpress themes allow you to get your website done in few days! It's time to join WP club.

piatok 2. januára 2015

Why to use WordPress for charity website.

charity wordpress themes
WordPress has become very advanced platform for creating various types of websites. There has been a lot non-profit businesses using it as well. Lots of templates have been improved and adjusted for charity websites needs and became low cost solution. I've decided to write about this topic a little more and point out all the great features you can get when you use wordpress theme for creating your charity website.

Most of the non-profit, NGO, charity or funding websites share the same needs, such as, secured donation system, paypal integration, events organization, donators profiles. etc. I've created collection of best charity wordpress themes from different marketplaces with all these features included. I have 5+ years experience with wordpress and this charity themes in this collection are tested and selected according the best criteria. All these templates are premium what means that you get free updates, detailed online documentation and dedicated support forum access. 

Main Advantages: 

Charity features: you can set up basically all the important settings like donation system from the scratch. You can also add ecommerce platform and create different packages for donators.

Price: Premium wordpress templates are not customized and as a product they tend to be very cheap. The price of good template is somewhere between 40-60 dollars. All charity services are focused on donations and collecting of money, so it's always great to save some.

No need for webdesigner: WordPress templates are user friendly and easy to use. With just little PC experience and common sense you'll be able to set up your website by yourself.

Time: If you're in hurry or you don't wanna spend a lot of time on creating of your website, wordpress is the best, it's a real time saver!

Professionalism: your website will get professional and trendy look. People won't be suspicious and they'll support all the good things you provide.

Good luck with your charity project!