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5 simple reasons why you should use wordpress for your portfolio.

WordPress has become the most popular platfrom for creating website! You can create almost any type of webpage and with additional plugins you can cover almost all requirements for basic / advanced online projects. I've decided to highlight in this article why I decided to use WP for my portfolio and why you should do the same! I've picked 5 key reasons why wordpress is the best choice! Have a look :)

1. Easy Setup

If you starting from the scratch with no web design experience, it might be rough for you, but with just a little PC and common sense you'll overcome all the difficulties because there are plenty of videos and tutorials on "how to install wordpress" or how to manage server settings etc. If you lost, start google-ing!

2. WP Templates 

I think wordpress themes are the biggest advantage and time saver! You can go two ways, premium or FREE. To save some money is always good but I recommend the premium templates for lots of reasons. You get detailed documentation, support and free updates. These 3 things are very essential for beginners because they'll save you lots of time!

3. Price

WordPress it completely free platform and templates are quite cheap as well, they vary between $40 - $60. If you count all expense with server and template it's still around $100 and that's very affordable.

4. Flexibility

Once you get you WP installed and template, you can basically adjust you website different types of business, such as, photographer, designer, illustrator, creative freelancers or agencies.

5. No limit

WordPress Portfolio Themes comes with unlimited database and you can add as much portfolio items as you want! You can divide them into different categories and sort them according date, type etc.

I hope this article was a little bit helpful. If you not sure which platform to choose for your website, go definitely for wordpress. On my other blog I've put together collection of creative portfolio wordpress themes which should definitely help you to pick up BEST template for your needs!

Good luck with building of your portfolio.

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