utorok 21. apríla 2015

What's NEW in WordPress 4.2.

It's been quite some time since last WordPress 4.1. update was released. Since January 21, 2015 WordPress community has been working on new upcoming update 4.2. See the schedule of work below. Yes, new version will be out very very soon.

by the way you can try beta version with wordpress beta tester plugin

Let's take closer look what's coming in new update. I won't go in too much details since the update will be ready soon!

New Emoticons Support

Since social media and emoticons are becoming very popular wordpress guys decided to keep up with the trend and allow us to use brand new variety of emoticons build in the system. You can use them any device you use for WP administration.

Theme Customizer

There is improvement of the way how yout install, activate and preview your themes installations. It's going to be much more convenient and easy to preview.

Faster Plugin & Updates

You won't need to activate plugins after you install them, this step is gone now! It's going to be much faster and convenient. Deactivation will remain the same, you have to go to plugins page to deactivate or delete.

Press this button update

Press this button is coming back with major changes and improvements.

  • bookmarklet feature
  • embed stuff from pages like youtube, twitter, intagram etc.

Some boring stuff

  • default color scheme
  • shared terms for different taxonomies
  • Javascripts compatibility for screen readers
Are you excited for new WP update? Don't forget to get some cool new wordpress theme along with new update!

Check more detailes of an update here

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