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Create Your Online Resume Using WordPress

To have a nice resume means a lot but if you won't show off your experiences people will simply overlook your qualities. Besides uploading a resume on sites like LinkedIn or CareerBuilder there is another powerful option. Place your resume directly to your WordPress website.

Here are some tips how you can show off your resume

1. Create a simple and clean page by using text and images which can be maintained by hand
2. Try to use plugins that are made for work with resumes
3. Put links to your LinkedIn resume through pages and posts

Once you've created your resume there are basically two ways how to display it on a website. The first option is to put resume on a front page so every visitor will spot it immediately. Second option is to make it as one of your sub-pages but don't forget to highlight it. However with a lot of a content on a website your resume can get lost easily but on the other hand the more content you have the more potential visitors you can attract.

Sections for a resume

You can improvise and tailor the resume to a specific group you would like to target or to make it more universal inspire yourself with portals like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder. But the most common section are:

  • Contact Info
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certificates
  • Work History
  • References

Be creative, use links to your previous work, previous employers, use graphics, colors, fonts, etc.
If you want to be different and have a unique resume you have to create it by hand. Only this way you can use 100% of your creativity and imagination.

If you don't want to spent too much time by playing around with unique design and you are fine with the plugins with performed style go for it! There are plenty of options but basically just two types of plugins available. One that let you create resume and the other one that will let you link to your resume from another network.

One very popular and easy to maintain plugin is called Resume Builder. Everything is already set up and ready to publish all you need to do is to fill in the information. You can even have more resumes and decide which resumes to publish on which pages. 

WP LinkedIn is a powerful option that allows you to connect your website and LinkedIn account. By using shortcodes it is easy to post it post or page. One of many advantages of connecting WordPress website and LinkedIn account is the fact that when you update LinkedIn resume the resume on website is updated automatically. 

You might be interested in some of the professional resume wordpress themes which I selected in my collection. That should save you time with your research around the marketplaces.

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