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5 Smart Ways How to Make Business with WordPress

WordPress is very flexible platform and you can take advantage of it in many different ways! I would say it's great opportunity for making business. It pretty much depends on your skills and how you accept challenges. I took a challenge, now I earn between 2000 - 3000 euros per month from affiliates sales and casual website development. All that takes me about 20h / week. Quite a nice part time right?

Here is the list of smart ways how to make money with WordPress:

1. Website Development

To learn how to create website with wordpress is not as hard as you might think. There are plenty of tutorials and "how to" videos which will guide through whole process of development & designing. There 3 main types of websites:

  • eshop website - there are plenty of pre-designed wordpress themes which you can use for creating of your shop. The essential thing for your eshop is business idea. Nowadays, people buy almost everything online, you need to come up with your products and what you wanna sell!
  • business website - if you have your business already running you should consider online presence. Having website is great way how to get more customers and people interested in your services.
  • blog website - blogging is very common as well as reading blogs. You need to select you niche topic and start spreading the word out. On the otherside you might be expert in your field and blog is great way how to share knowledge. How this is going to make money for you? Well, you need to add some advertising spots to your web, use google adwords or contact companies with related business and offer them advertising.  Check this article "How to build 6 figures blog".. yes 6 figures!

2. Affiliates

Affiliate business in another way! That's what I prefer the most. You can run your website / blog and write reviews about other businesses, services or products. I run my reviews website about wordpress themes. Check my newest collection of the best business wordpress themes. There are plenty of other industry fields where you can find the space for your website to successed. The most essential part of success is SEO and having your website ranking for frequently searched keywords.

3. Sell WordPress Themes

If you have development skills then you can try developing wordpress themes. There are couple of popular online marketplaces which has millions of members and there is always potential to make good business. The biggest marketplace is themeforest. Have a look!

4. Sell WordPress Plugins

This option is even better than wordpress themes because there are still plenty of ides which haven't been added to wordpress yet! You can develop premium plugins and make nice money! Check codecanyon and see what sort of plugins people develop.

These are exclusive ads for wordpress websites. It's quite similar to google adwords but it's more convenient for wordpress users.

I hope this article was helpful and encouraged you to do some online business! It's really hard work from the beginning but nothing it's easy! Then you'll have this amazing freedom and time to write dummy blogs like this one! But it's part of the business, part of the backlink strategy! If you have any questions feel FREE to post it into comment section below.

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