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Why to use WordPress for charity website.

charity wordpress themes
WordPress has become very advanced platform for creating various types of websites. There has been a lot non-profit businesses using it as well. Lots of templates have been improved and adjusted for charity websites needs and became low cost solution. I've decided to write about this topic a little more and point out all the great features you can get when you use wordpress theme for creating your charity website.

Most of the non-profit, NGO, charity or funding websites share the same needs, such as, secured donation system, paypal integration, events organization, donators profiles. etc. I've created collection of best charity wordpress themes from different marketplaces with all these features included. I have 5+ years experience with wordpress and this charity themes in this collection are tested and selected according the best criteria. All these templates are premium what means that you get free updates, detailed online documentation and dedicated support forum access. 

Main Advantages: 

Charity features: you can set up basically all the important settings like donation system from the scratch. You can also add ecommerce platform and create different packages for donators.

Price: Premium wordpress templates are not customized and as a product they tend to be very cheap. The price of good template is somewhere between 40-60 dollars. All charity services are focused on donations and collecting of money, so it's always great to save some.

No need for webdesigner: WordPress templates are user friendly and easy to use. With just little PC experience and common sense you'll be able to set up your website by yourself.

Time: If you're in hurry or you don't wanna spend a lot of time on creating of your website, wordpress is the best, it's a real time saver!

Professionalism: your website will get professional and trendy look. People won't be suspicious and they'll support all the good things you provide.

Good luck with your charity project!

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