utorok 27. januára 2015

WordPress in 2015 Statistics

I'll start with the big number which give you quick overview how popular wordpress is! The newest WordPress version 4.1 has been downloaded 9, 100, 000 times!

  • There is 2966 themes in the theme directory.
  • 125, 498, 011 theme downloads.
  • 35, 515 plugins on the plugin directory
  • 824, 474, 900 total plugin downloads
CMS Usage

As you can see on the graph, wordpress usage takes more than half of the all CMS websites. 

Future of WordPress

Wordpress is increasingly international. In 2014 Non-english download surpassed english downloads for the first time ever.

In 2014 there has been 80 WordCamps in 28 different countries.

WordPress plugins and themes directories are soon to be fully localized making them more accessible for non-english speakers.

WordPress is no longer just a blogging  tool. It is increasingly being used as an all purpose CMS and in some cases an app platform.

There hundreds free and premium templates coming everyday on market. Professional & simple wordpress themes allow you to get your website done in few days! It's time to join WP club.

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